Fitting In


The idea of fitting in and the extent to which people go to in an attempt to fit into a group that we aggrandize or think of being a part of just to fill the void we have is enormous

I have found myself most times feeling like the outsider but what I have realized over the years that, most of the times when I felt like an outsider it was because I was trying to be part of a group that really was not fit for me, a round peg in a square hole; looking and chasing after validation and acceptance of people who were not just my kind. My kind are people whom I share the same values with, who respect and show kindness to people regardless of age and status.

It is effortless to feel a sense of belonging when you are not contorting yourself into a human pretzel in order to get people to let you hang out with them

If you have to pretend or lie in other to fit in, it means those people aren’t your people. It doesn’t mean they are bad; they are just not your kind.

There are plenty of round holes for round pegs and square holes for square pegs. Just take your time and find the people you can fit in with

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