shallow focus of sprout


As I was driving last Saturday, I was bamboozled by the things I saw.

In a single Saturday, I saw those that were mourning their dead,

The Customs And Cost At Ghanaian Funerals

I saw those that were being carried in the casket to be buried,


I saw people that were partying,

I also saw those that were marrying,

wedding photograph of bride and groom
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again I saw those that were packing out of their husbands’ house.

person in white long sleeve shirt holding silver and black scissors
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I saw babies that were being named.

christening the dew the priest
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I thought I had seen enough until I saw those that had just been arrested by the police,

man love people woman
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I saw some that were being rushed to the hospital.

paramedics helping a man on a stretcher
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I saw a just happened accident and I saw others that were gladly praising God in Church. All these and more happening within one single day made up of 23hrs. 56secs. Wow!

Whilst others are saying *”God is good”* others are also asking *”God why?”* This is the irony of life. But in all of it you must learn to remain RESOLUTE because those that were crying on Saturday were not probably crying last week and likewise those that were laughing that day probably were not laughing last week. In short, _*you have no reason to give up today because the page will flip sooner than later!*_


_*Keep the focus because its only those who are resolute and committed to course can get to the final destination.*_

Have a blissful week.

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