She died

She died She died from being dragged down and sat upon by un-evolved women posing as sisters and friends. She died from tolerating Mr. Pitiful,  just to have a man around the house. She died from sacrificing herself for everybody and everything  when what she really wanted to do was to be magnificent. She died from lies of omission because she didn’t want to bring others  down Continue reading She died

The hidden woman

She is usually the one with “Mr. already taken man” yet hidden. She can be at the same place with him but she dares not say she is with him yet she can’t mingle. The hidden woman comes in two forms. The one who deliberately chooses to be Mr.  Already taken man for her selfish reasons and the one who gets herself manipulated because she had a weaker mind, a weaker self-image and a weaker value of who she is and what she can be. Desiring for love and acceptance she bought into the lie, a lie told by friend … Continue reading The hidden woman