Five Reasons to Work Safe Today

We all have different reasons for why we choose to do certain things and why we may not choose to do others. When it comes to working safely we should all want to choose to make the right decision. We all are different in the way we think, but there are many common reasons why we should choose to work safe. No matter what your motivator may be keep these five reasons in mind as to why we should all strive to should work safe. Five Reasons to Work Safe Your health. Obviously your health and well-being should be the biggest motivator … Continue reading Five Reasons to Work Safe Today

Type of bosses and how to handle them.

Every workplace is different. For some their office might be an exciting place to go; others it may be downright awkward to ask a question; while a few never know what to expect. Often the difference is actually a result of the manager. It’s important for you to recognize if this is the case, as a boss can shape and help make — or break — your career! Identify early on what kind of boss you have and decide how to form the most beneficial relationship possible with them. Throughout the course of your professional career, whether you’re climbing the … Continue reading Type of bosses and how to handle them.