Stop bad mouth and bashing your spouse to others

I have been engrossed with someone’s SITUATION that it drained it me out emotionally because I felt the person’s pain. I noticed for a while the said person has been acting strange and confiding in people so I acted like I had no idea and waited to see if I will be approached. From observation you could tell it was relationship matter, I can’t recall what brought about our conversation but I ended up convincing this person to tell me the truth of the situation because you can’t really help a person when you do not know the truth of … Continue reading Stop bad mouth and bashing your spouse to others

what exactly is Imposter Syndrome

Can we talk about impostor syndrome which is a challenge many people especially women faces through in their careers. But what is it exactly?⁠⁠Imposter Syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. ⁠⁠To put it simply, imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling like a phony—you feel as though at any moment you are going to be found out as a fraud—like you don’t belong where you are, and you only got there through dumb luck. It can affect anyone no matter their social status, work background, skill … Continue reading what exactly is Imposter Syndrome


In a bide to improve upon myself and climb the career ladder I once registered and attended a master class program. The course was expensive but I managed because I had high expectation of the programme. Although the program was intrigue and fulfilling it was the latter part of the 6weeks program that I got to know that the original program was in a different institute which was well recognized and was far cheaper than this one. It was at this point that I felt perhaps I have wasted my resource and felt cheated.I stopped every other program I had … Continue reading Decision