Perfection; the enemy of progress

The zeal for perfection is the enemy of progress. I used to think that I had to be always ready and everything set right and perfect before I start or get things done. As I grow older and now reflecting on missed opportunities I encountered because I was either waiting for the perfect time or was just too afraid of failing .My heart now is full of regret. I regret for not taking up opportunities when they showed up which as a result prevented from learning new things and vital lessons needed for that period and for the facilitation of … Continue reading Perfection; the enemy of progress


Hero!!!!, Do you ,need a hero??? Look in the mirror, You are a hero☺☺☺ You aren’t chosen because you are qualified. You are qualified because you are chosen. There is a reason why you made to this realm out of the many. You aren’t here looking for perfection. You’re perfection You’re magnificent in all your ways You’re a hero   I hope you are blessed by this lovely post. Be radiant and spicy Please feel free to comment below,God bless!       Continue reading Hero