“Part of your super-power is the ability to emote”—-Emote (verb)UK /ɪˈməʊt/US /ɪˈmoʊt/ ) To show emotion in a way that makes it very clear what you are feeling Please choose your friends wisely and pray for the right people to make their way into your life because last night I had a conversation with a couple of some friends and what my friend casually described as a super-power last night in a conversation that wasn’t even about me, is what people have condemned in the past with comments like, “You are too expressive”, “you are too emotional”, “you are so … Continue reading Super-power:Emote

Turning Bad Experience to fuel series:the pain of a wounded Healer

So, the talented beautiful Adaora shared a bit of her story quiet recently and I believe is worth sharing in this series In her post which she termed as “Full Circle’’ she noted that in January 2019, she was in Sri Lanka for a scheduled surgery after a series of health challenges. During that time, she was simultaneously going through a divorce as well. She had to shut down her business,and according to her she was at ground zero and the pain she felt was inexplicable, yet she was still firing on all cylinders – showing up, and doing her … Continue reading Turning Bad Experience to fuel series:the pain of a wounded Healer

Misconception about Sobriety

Sobriety is really not about the alcohol. Alcohol dependence is a response to ones emotions. Sobriety is therefore about EMOTIONAL HEALING-it’s the recovery of your inner wellness, mind, body and soul. It is the process of regaining inner alignment and a reconnection with your inner truth-your AUTHENTIC TRUTH. Sobriety is not about the drink, the drink is just the reaction to what’s going on internally. Sobriety is about feeling and healing the emotions, ALL OF THEM. Sobriety is a lifestyle of holistic wellness, wholeness, self-acceptance, self-respect and grace for those who can’t achieve any of the above without the consumption … Continue reading Misconception about Sobriety