The virtuous woman

There is she ; standing up tall like Hadassah (Esther) beautiful on the outside, fearless yet fearing the Lord and submitting to His will. She is a woman who knows her place; a daughter of THE KING. She is like a tree planted by the waterside that yields her fruits in its time and tide; never ceases to bloom through the climes and flourishes even in the hardest times.She is a close companion one ought to have, a good friend in time of need. Ohh lets I forget she is a citadel of hope in her time of bliss. A … Continue reading The virtuous woman

My Dear Indomitable Friend

My Dear Indomitable Friend, Enthusiastic good morning. Wishing you an easy, breezy Thursday overflowing with your superb qualities & inexhaustible enthusiasm to excel. May You bring freshness wherever you go by your candour, humour & humility. May you experience open hearted transparency, warmth, genuineness & kindness throughout your day; colleagues voluntarily bringing out shortcomings in the system & suggestions for improvement; spontaneous support from management for proposed changes & new concepts; sustained positivity & eagerness among co- workers to improve quality of our work; perceptible self motivation & self pride. How good it feels to see such a vibrant, proactive … Continue reading My Dear Indomitable Friend