Papa J and Nana Konadu: love brewed in Achimota

The couple have been married since 1977 and after such a long married life and a successful legacy to leave behind, one would ask how their love story came about They both schooled at Achimota School, where J.J. Rawlings met his future wife Nana Konadu Agyamang He explained in a cooking TV show “Dining with Cooks and Braggarts that it took him five years to gain Nana Konadu’s attention. He recalled having to show interest in her friends initially, just so he could walk beside them. He said it wasn’t until one Sunday, that he invited Konadu out and she … Continue reading Papa J and Nana Konadu: love brewed in Achimota

Remembering Papa J.

Ex-president Jerry John Rawlings fondly called Papa J passed on to glory today.He was a man loved by the young and old. One could say he was the father of the nation; people jokingly refer to him on social media specially during his birthday as the own of Ghana. Here are some of the things you wanna remember him with: He spoke his truth and held on to it 2. He was selfless and fearless against all odds 3. He was an hands on leader who wouldn’t mind jumping into a choked gutter to help have it distilled 3. He … Continue reading Remembering Papa J.