95% of conflicts, break ups and divorce are caused by couples in the relationship or marriage. The remaining 5% is as a result of external factors which still need the concern or approval of the couples. Honestly if your relationship … Continue reading WAYS TO DESTROY YOUR RELATIONSHIP


I used to believe that young men and women who were engaged in premarital sex were enjoying more than those of us abstaining from premarital sex. I now understand that it was a big lie from the pit of hell. It’s just a waste of time and lack of proper knowledge that any single person will decide to engage in something that God has reserved for married couples. In fact, if you are single and dating and you obey God by abstaining from premarital sex then I can assure you, you will enjoy a better marriage life. Because you will … Continue reading REASONS WHY YOU DON’T NEED SEX IN YOUR DATING RELATIONSHIP

LIFE FACTS : Some People Just Want To Use You

It hurts to realize that someone you considered close is using you and that they don’t actually want to be a real friend. In situations like these, it’s easy to shy away from the truth at first, ignoring the signs and living in a state of denial. The fact of the matter is that until you face the situation and truly take a deep look at your friend’s behavior, nothing can improve. Please listen, you will be blessed #love #relationship #rejections #brokenheart #love #truth   Continue reading LIFE FACTS : Some People Just Want To Use You

The Basis Of Intimacy In Marriage

Always love your spouse.Believe in each other.Celebrate each other often.Don’t argue but always reason together.Expect imperfections from your spouse.Fix solutions to problems on time.Go for a walk together once a week. Hold each other’s hands often.Ignite the passion in your spouse daily. Just laugh over issues worth criticizing.Kill the spirit of unhealthy competition.Let your spouse know your movements.Make love like newly weds.No separate room for you both.Oppose any intruder or third party.Pray together always. Quality time should be spent together.Resist every temptation of infidelity. Stay positive to each other’s vision.Take no record of past offence.Utilize every opportunity to bond.Visualize a … Continue reading The Basis Of Intimacy In Marriage