Self-acceptance the key to self-improvement

Do you accept yourself? It might sound like an odd question; what does it even mean to accept yourself? Don’t we all accept ourselves as a regular part of living our day-to-day lives? As it turns out, self-acceptance is not an automatic or default state. Many of us have trouble accepting ourselves exactly as we are. It’s not so hard to accept the good parts of ourselves, but what about the rest? Surely, we shouldn’t accept our flaws and failures? In fact, that’s exactly what we should do! Read on to learn why we need to accept ourselves, the good … Continue reading Self-acceptance the key to self-improvement

Misconception about Sobriety

Sobriety is really not about the alcohol. Alcohol dependence is a response to ones emotions. Sobriety is therefore about EMOTIONAL HEALING-it’s the recovery of your inner wellness, mind, body and soul. It is the process of regaining inner alignment and a reconnection with your inner truth-your AUTHENTIC TRUTH. Sobriety is not about the drink, the drink is just the reaction to what’s going on internally. Sobriety is about feeling and healing the emotions, ALL OF THEM. Sobriety is a lifestyle of holistic wellness, wholeness, self-acceptance, self-respect and grace for those who can’t achieve any of the above without the consumption … Continue reading Misconception about Sobriety