How we unconsciously encourage street begging

While in a public transport yesterday, a woman on my row started begging people for financial assistance. The man sitting directly in front of me dug hand in his wallet and gave her Gh¢50, then others followed, she eventually got over a Gh¢300 within that short period. Not long after that, the same man that gave this woman Gh¢50 then wanted to buy a bottled water, and the hawker had to run to catch up with us because the man wanted to give him Gh¢5 and he had to collect his Gh¢3.50p change first before handing him the Gh ¢5.The … Continue reading How we unconsciously encourage street begging

Lessons from sis Kids III

I was alarm when I first saw madam as a baby. She wasn’t the baby that cry🧐. I told her mum to take her to the hospital for check up.she just laughed it off🙄. As she got to the toddler stage I came to the conclusion that she was a introvert, only made noise when she has to. The first 2 pushed her around anyhow and I’m told she sometimes get hurt😔😔The first 2 are hyper active who have told me” Edukrom people don’t like to sleep” but I don’t know what happened to madam she’s super hyper active. She … Continue reading Lessons from sis Kids III

Lessons from sis Kids II

When my sis gave birth to her second which is ‘momo’ we decided I was going to take care of Tia and she was going to stay with me so my sis can have enough time for the secondI was the second to carry momo after his mum at the hospital and when the nurse gave him to me to carry there was this strange feeling or bond I had for him. It felt this child was biological mine🤗🤗As fate will have it Tia and me never bonded. She kept insisting her Granny is her mum😏 and become very bonded … Continue reading Lessons from sis Kids II

Lessons from sis Kids I

So my senior sister has three kids;two girls and a boy who I enjoy relating with often. Tia; the first is sporty and a teller but responsible and decisive.Tell her a story and the rest of her friends will hear.Take her to the games and she will come every other day to ask when the next one will take place.She’s the glam and junk food type who will be of behavior once you promise her junk food or a make-upIf you want to her to change her ways you would have to subliminally give her reasons why and instantly she … Continue reading Lessons from sis Kids I