Challenge to women to express how they truly feel inside

If you knew how many game faces you’re interacting with daily, you’d take your own mask off. If you’re in motherhood, you may feel that the game faces just got upped a level. If you’re an empty nester, you may be looking around realizing that it was all played for nothing. If you’ve been wearing a mask for years and have decided to remove it-stepping back into the authenticity of you’re truth-welcome home. FYI: -She may seem to have it all together.-She may seem like she’s always happy.-She may seem to have the perfect relationship with her husband.-She may seem … Continue reading Challenge to women to express how they truly feel inside

The virtuous woman

There is she ; standing up tall like Hadassah (Esther) beautiful on the outside, fearless yet fearing the Lord and submitting to His will. She is a woman who knows her place; a daughter of THE KING. She is like a tree planted by the waterside that yields her fruits in its time and tide; never ceases to bloom through the climes and flourishes even in the hardest times.She is a close companion one ought to have, a good friend in time of need. Ohh lets I forget she is a citadel of hope in her time of bliss. A … Continue reading The virtuous woman